AlexanderStone® Product Description

AlexanderStone® Natural Quartz surfaces are easily maintained. The crushed quartz coupled with stain-resistant polymer resins produces a durable, nonporous stain and heat resistant surface. AlexanderStone does not require waxes or sealants, and maintains its gloss and smooth surface without polishing.


Color Selection

AlexanderStone offers a wide selection of design choices including over 100 color styles ranging from fine-grained aggregates to color blends with larger visual textures. Please refer to the AlexanderStone catalogue for full selection.

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• Durable and Non-porous

• Strong and Flexible

• Highly Stain-Resistant

• Scratch, Stain, and Scorch Resistant

• Unsupportive of Bacteria, Mold and Mildew

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Edge Detail Options

AlexanderStone® offers a verity of edge details that provide our customers with options to create their special look.

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