AlexanderStone® Warranty

Statement of Warranty

The AlexanderStone® company warranty’s any of it’s AlexanderStone quartz products against manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase.
This warranty is specific to the AlexanderStone quartz stone product and excludes any faults that occur as a result of processing, fabrication or installation.

This warranty shall only be applicable if the customer satisfies the terms and conditions of the warranty as itemized below.

1. The customer must register on line at within 30 days of installation of the AlexanderStone products.

2. The installation must have been undertaken by a qualified licensed contractor. The name and contact details of the contractor must be presented with any claim.
3. Evidence of the licensed contractor, appropriate qualifications and/or experience to fit engineered quartz stone worktops must also be produced.
4. Original receipts must be presented at the time of any claim, showing date of purchase and details of supplier and must include the items listed above.
5. AlexanderStone reserves the right to view the defective parts and to appoint a qualified expert to assess any liability on behalf of the AlexanderStone company.

Items Covered Within This Warranty

AlexanderStone company agrees to replace any of its quartz stone products which are proven to be defective under the terms and conditions listed below:

Care and Maintenance must follow the guidelines listed on the Website.
Please read and adhere to the following guidelines:
• You should never stand or set anything over 50lbs. on the surface.
• Hot plates, pans, or dishes set directly on surface may cause discoloration and or permanent damage.
• Do not cut food directly on surface. Knifes or other sharp objects can sometimes scratch the surface.
• Refrain from using strong cleaning chemicals. Many detergents or cleaners have high ph levels. These chemicals can discolor or deteriorate the finish when used.

The best way to care for your AlexanderStone quartz is by washing it gently with a microfiber cleaning cloth with warm water and mild soap. Make sure to try to remove all substances with the Micro-fiber towel first. You can always gently use a plastic putty knife to remove any food that may be stuck on the surface. After cleaning, simply wipe off moisture with a clean cloth or a paper towel.

• The warranty excludes any AlexanderStone products which have been used for flooring, or for external applications.
• Commercial applications are outside of this warranty and specific terms for such purposes should be clarified with the licensed contractor acting as the fabricator or installer prior to purchase.
• AlexanderStone will provide stone to replace any defective parts, but cannot warranty that colors will match exactly after an extended period and will make every effort to provide as close a match as possible.
• AlexanderStone cannot supply replacements for colors that have been discontinued. In such circumstances, AlexanderStone will supply sufficient stone slabs of a color as similar as possible to the original in order to produce replacements for the defective parts and for those parts which are immediately adjacent.

Exclusions From This Warranty

• AlexanderStone excludes any claim for parts which have been incorrectly installed.
• Damage to the product that is specifically excluded under the care and maintenance instructions.
• Damage due to the product being used or adapted for a purpose for which the product was not intended.
• Damage caused due to interaction with another product either not recommended by AlexanderStone or although not specifically excluded, could not reasonably have been anticipated by AlexanderStone to be detrimental to the quartz stone product.
• Any damage caused by disasters such as an Act of God, fire, flood or sudden impact, which could normally fit under items covered by household insurance.
• Damage caused by improper use, such as excessive impact, standing on the quartz surface, the application of acids or alkalies and application of excessive heat.
• Any installation costs as a result of replacing any defective AlexanderStone products and any related costs such as plumbing, electrical, building work or decoration.
• Any work or resulting damage as a result of work undertaken to repair alleged defective parts without prior approval by an authorized agent of the AlexanderStone company.
• Defects that could reasonably have been discovered by the fabricating company prior to manufacture.
• Defects caused by the fabrication or installation process, or as a result of the fabricators methods of production.
• The warranty applies to the direct purchaser only and is not transferable.

Claiming Under the Warranty

1. If a defect occurs within the warranty the customer shall first contact the licensed contractor acting as a fabricator or installer and outline the defect and ask for an assessment.
2. The licensed contractor acting as a fabricator or installer shall inform the customer whether the defect fits the definitions and terms and conditions of a fault under the AlexanderStone warranty scheme.
3. The customer shall inform the AlexanderStone company of a claim by emailing AlexanderStone directly at A claim may also be registered indirectly via the licensed contractor acting as a fabricator or installer.

How the Claim Will Be Processed

1. AlexanderStone will investigate whether the defect and claim are potentially subject to the terms and conditions of this warranty.
2. In respect of claims that are considered valid, the company will appoint an authorized agent to check and inspect the defective parts and the validity of the complaint and the company will inform the customer in writing of the decision.
3. Verified claims will result in AlexanderStone providing appropriate materials free of charge in order to facilitate the replacement of the defective parts to be undertaken by the licensed contractor.